A leading Spanish language sports channel in the United States, owned by Univision Communications, now called TUDN.

As part of its digital transformation, we partnered with them to develop and produce a series of sports coverage to attract its digital audience. In a world where digital content is increasing day by day, traditional media outlets had to evolve according to technology to maintain and gain new market quota.

We covered and produced media capsules during the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup, interviews with football players playing in Europe, The Supercup Tbilisi 2015, among others sports events. The content was purposely design to attract a younger audience, compliment its current TV Shows, and be a source of sports entertainment.

We worked closely with its digital department to create media capsules that will appeal to a younger internet-savvy crowd leading us to a success outcome.


Content Strategy / Video Production & Editing / Interview Management / Travel coordination / Digital Content Production

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