Single Led Amputee Sports Association

A country torn apart by civil war, Sierra Leone has a large population of citizens whose lives have been affected, both emotionally and physically by the years of fighting.
Single Leg Amputee Association (SLASA) was created to address the gaps in social infrastructure for amputees by providing trauma recovery, addressing misconceptions of disabilities, promoting peace, and helping amputees reintegrate into society.

The organisation provides football training, creates pitch facilities that can be used by the entire community, and teaches young people skills to effectively join the workforce.

As part of the This is not a Ball’s documentary fundraising effort, #Passtheball surges as a powerful social movement that enables the documentary to transcend the two-dimensional cinematic experience by impacting the world around us. One of the 12 organizations was the Sierra Leone Single Leg Amputee Sports Association. During their visit to New York, we produced a video to showcase what they do and how football changes their lives.


Development of campaign / Video Production & Editing

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