Tourism in Panama represents one of Panama‘s main activities. The main areas of tourism in the country focus on business tourism, beaches, health and trade. Most of the tourists come from the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, and South America.

Panama is the isthmus connecting Central America and South America, and offers access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In fact, because of its snake-like shape, you could feasibly start your day watching the sun rise on the Caribbean, and end, watching it set on Panama’s Pacific.

Tourism generates profits of approximately US$1,400 million annually. To help tell the Country’s story as a travel destination, we developed a public relations campaign to position Panama as the best place to visit.

Our campaign was centred on letting media experience the benefits and pleasures of experiencing Panamá. We hosted a range of top media trips with journalists from major newspapers in the Americas. We showcased Panama’s islands, gastronomy and the advantages of visiting the country.

In 2011, Panama was visited by more than 2 million tourists, an increase of 18% compared to 2010. The New York Times Magazine placed Panama as the best place to visit in 2012 as the country’s economy was working well.


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