How do you introduce an established brand in a new market and culture where cheese making traditions go back thousands of years?

While it may seem easy to catapult a cheese brand in a new market, Spain is a country very rooted to its cheese making, even though it is not a country known for it.

Working collaboratively with Nonno Nanni’s global marketing department, we launched Nonno Nanni cheeses in Spain.

Nonno Nanni is an Italian brand offering fresh Italian cheese since 1947. A family run business that respects its same commitment to quality and traditional cheese making art, passed down from generations to generations. The company is today led by the 3rd generation of the Lazzarin Family.

We helped Nonno Nanni developed an integrated communications campaign to create brand awareness and relatability to position the brand within the Spanish culture and cheese lovers.

Using data reports, we developed a marketing, communication and lead generation funnel strategy to direct its target audience to owned media. As well as, created action-based content focused on having an impact on the consumer’s personal needs. Through a Public Relations and Influencers campaigns, we were able to create a solid base of brand awareness. Generating a push and pull dynamic between the target, the brand and the sales points.


Content Strategy / Video Content Production / Lead Generation / Funnel Strategy / Press Campaign / Influencer Campaign / Digital Communications Strategy / Social Media Management

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