Since its foundation in 1888, Fedrigoni has specialised in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products. While this remains very much at the heart of the business, the company continually creates new paper processes and technologies that satisfy the ever-changing aesthetic and technical demands of the market.

When art, paper and creativity are brought together, the results can be incredible. And that’s how we developed The Blank Paper Challenge event for Fedrigoni, a series of creative events to introduce new papers to a selected number of creatives, clients and guests from the graphics industry in Spain. The Blank Paper Challenge events were held both in Madrid and Barcelona.

The event featured artists from different disciplines where paper was the true protagonist of the event. 

We unfurled a tree that told us about the history of this material, explored the frontier of creativity, got closer to the different sensations that can be perceived when you slide your skin over a sheet, broke the bi-dimensionality of #blankpaper and all this, thanks to the quality of Fedrigoni papers.

We also worked all sponsorships with brands such as Peroni, Winetastic & Bulldog Gin.


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